Our Philosophy


We live in a connected world. The increasing complexity and anonymity in online transactions has in many ways outpaced the current methods for content piracy, counterfeit goods and digital crime management.


The traditional, top-down approach is too narrowly focused on the detection, pursuit, removal, and apprehension of suppliers of illegal content, goods, or services. This approach is costly and time-intensive and rarely disrupts how illegal goods and services are consumed. Instead, when one supplier is shut down, it often simply changes its name or is replaced by several others who gladly fill the void. We call this process “Whac-a-mole”, and though sometimes effective in the short-term, this approach is certainly not the comprehensive solution needed today.


Our History


VFT Solutions Inc. is the brainchild of a group with years of experience in the anti-piracy industry.


The founders built their careers on the identification and legal enforcement of anti-piracy statutes against identified pirates, helping companies preserve their brand equity and protect their assets. Through their work, they recognized that as technology evolved, so did piracy methods, making all traditional attempts to combat piracy ineffective. So, they set out to create a better system.


The VFT method and solution was created to identify the pirate and then convert them to a paying customer. This approach attacks piracy from the ground up and provides an opportunity for businesses to grow their customer base, rather than lose customers as a result of piracy.


Our Impact


We have over 27 years of anti-piracy experience, and have litigated over 5,000 cases. In the process have interacted with thousands of pirates and established precedents and case law leading to:

• Identification of over 50,000 online and Brick and mortar pirates

• Recovery of more than $100 million for our clients

• Conversion of over 20,000 pirates to paying customers

VFT has developed its VLASM algorithms to evaluate and score pirates based upon custom criteria. Our proprietary A2SM technology is designed to monetize piracy and is revolutionary in its bottom-up approach to market issues. The combination of both allow for the monitoring of media content for detection and documentation of fraud, piracy or misuse.


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